24X48 Blinker Sign



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Blinker Signs enhancing traffic signs with LEDs is helping to reduce accidents and save lives across the country. Blinker signs feature an array of incredibly bright flashing LEDs to command the attention of drivers like no other traffic sign can. They provide greater awareness in high risk areas where standard signs are ineffective. Blinker signs are solar powered so they can be deployed in any location with adequate sunlight. Programmed to flash 24/7, dusk to dawn or during any desired intervals. Can be wirelessly linked to other ITS devices including radar/vehicle detectors. These detectors can pick up vehicles exceeding the set speed from up to 300 feet away. Blinker Signs are built to conform to the specifications of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). Constructed with 3M VIP or DG3 reflective sheeting on state-spec high grade aluminum, further protected with 3M anti-graffiti film. Each sign is then fitted with LEDs with light-enhancing magnifying lens that increases the sign’s visibility up to twenty times. Most signs have LEDs mounted on each corner (depending on the shape). The LED colors match the sign’s background color and shape providing great awareness in fog, rain, snow and low light conditions. Signs can operate up to 14 days without sunlight and can be installed on round, square or u-channel post.
Installs easily on any new or existing post.
Can be integrated into an Intelligent Transportation System.
High intensity LEDs command attention day and night.
Heightens drivers awareness at high incident intersections.
Can be programmed continuously (24/7) or on a solar time clock, push buttons and/or motion vehicle detectors.
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