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Service is Our Best Seller

In 1983, James Whittle and Darrel Fuller started a barricade rental company in Bowling Green, Ky. Soon after they added sign manufacturing to the company. They had enough money to print a few small catalogs and James hit the road hand delivering the catalogs across the state of Kentucky. He stayed on the road for several years personally meeting new customers and delivering catalogs. It was often a struggle for him having to shave in convenience store bathrooms and sleeping in his truck because he did not have enough money for a hotel, and taking a second mortgage out on his house to keep the business going. James passed away in 2010 but I know these stories to be true because he is my father. My name is Mike Whittle, I manage the company now but started working here 20 years ago as a sign manufacturer. Thanks to several loyal customers, Econo Signs continued to grow steadily increasing sales to all 50 states. Econo Signs is now one of the largest municipal suppliers in the country supplying not only traffic signs but traffic safety products, highway work zone products, personal safety products and sign making supplies. At Econo Signs our slogan is "Service is Our Best Seller". We stand behind that and believe it to be true. We do whatever it takes to make "you" the customer happy. If you are new to Econo Signs, we welcome you! It will not take long for you to see that "Service Is Our Best Seller!"


A Local Business with National Reach

We offer custom and stock highway signage, brackets and posts, public and traffic safety products and apparel. We ship to 48 states.

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